Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Opportunities Galore!

Wow! This title is opening an array of doors for me. I have had the joy of getting connected with Kayla Rose, who is the head of marketing for PLITZS Fashion Marketing. She is in charge of Charlotte Fashion Week and many other events! I attended a luncheon this morning with the BENCH group. Business Education Networking and Charities is a group of businessmen and women who share an interest in charities. They meet twice a month to network and come up with event ideas for any charity work they can do. I was able to get connected with so many amazing people!

Not only is Kayla a great resource, I was asked to help out with a "Prom" at Levine Childrens Hospital in September. We are going to have a fashion show for the patients to participate in! This is such an amazing event and I feel so privileged to have a hand in this event. I am so blessed to have all these new opportunities in my life!

As I approach my senior year in college, networking is crucial because I will be entering the working world and having contacts is an incredible privilege to have! Friday I will judge the Fashion Democracy competition so updates and pictures are soon to come!

<3 Miss South Carolina
Chelsea Gregory