Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss South Carolina International Guest Judge at the Fashion Democrazy Model Competition

This week has brought on some amazing opportunities.  I met with Kayla Rose, who is involved with Plitz Fashion Marketing in Charlotte, NC.  This group produces many charity events in the fashion community that not only benefits charities like the American Cancer Society, they also have been responsible for bringing Fashion Week to Charlotte, NC!

Kayla Rose 

The week began with a lunch meeting with Kayla and the BENCH group.  This group is a networking group that meets monthly to work on charity events.  At that meeting I met various professionals in Charlotte in various industries.  I was invited to help Kayla Rose produce a "Prom" for the Levine Children's Hospital in September.  I am so very excited about this!

The BENCH Group

Then on Friday, I was a guest judge at the Fashion Democracy Model Competition.  The show and competition was held at Center Stage in NoDa.  The venue was small but very classy.  I was surprised to see Dolce Lusso, my salon, there to do the model's hair and make up.  Dolce Lusso will be doing my hair just before nationals. 

Me with Chelsea from Dolce Lusso

The competition was voted on by the audience via a ballot.  Then the top 10 contestants were voted on by our judging panel.  The winner received over $3,500 in cash awards and will be modeling during Fashion Week Charlotte also in September. 

Not only am I excited to get involved with this organization and all of the charity events that they work on, I am honored that they want me to help them and serve as an embassador and Miss SC International 2011. The opportunities to be visible in Charlotte will help me also spread the word about my platform, RE-Focus:  ADHD Awareness. 

I am continually amazed at how blessed I am to have this title and of all the opportunities that I have to meet people and make a difference.  This was an appearance that I was not expecting and was greatful to be a part of.  Now, I look forward to visiting the Palmetto Children's Hospital in Columbia on Monday.  I have set up a story time and craft and am taking along Mrs. South Carolina International, Elizabeth Malvasia and Miss Teen South Carolina International, Avery Close.  That should be a fun and inspiring appearance.  I will be writing about it next week!!!

Chelsea Rae Gregory
Miss South Carolina International 2011