Monday, June 20, 2011

The Little Things Make it all Worth It

Today Elizabeth, Avery, and I visited the Palmetto Children's Hospital in Columbia! This experience was unreal. We were able to do a craft with the kids and make one very special girl smile for the first time in days. It's things like these that make this title completely worth it. We met with a group of kids and made crowns and shields with them! This was amazing because we got to really interact with the kids and make them feel special.

This is Julia! She was so precious :) I think we made her day. She is a REAL princess. She even has a Rapunzel doll with her in bed! 

I also got to read "When Donkeys Fly" to some of the kids in the playroom. I hope they got something out of it because it is such an inspiring story. I know they were a bit restless because this was their time to get out of their rooms and play but I know they heard it! 

Some ladies were ecstatic to see us! Haha

Overall this experience was inspiring to me because it gave me a fulfilling feeling to know that I made a kids day. I was able to make them smile. To know that they spend every day in that hospital and are so optimistic about the world is incredible to me. I tip my hat to those kids because they have so much spirit and life, it makes me appreciate what I have and want to go visit them every day. 

So excited to meet the kids!

Helping with the crowns! This was so amazing. I loved making them feel like royalty because to me, royalty means service to others. I tried to convey this message today because royalty is not about "me me me". When you are in a public position, it is your responsibility to serve others and represent something. In my case, I am representing not only the International Pageant System but I am representing children all across the United States. I want them to know that they are special and can do whatever they want to do, even be Miss America ;)

<3 Chelsea Gregory, Miss South Carolina International 2011