Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Summer So Far!

 On June 11th, my mother and I left for Baltimore, Maryland. We flew up and rented a car in which we drove ourselves to Washington, DC. We stayed the night in Washington where we shopped, ate, and saw the Capitol Building. The next morning, we got up and attended the "Now What?" Skit put on by CHADD. This skit was an informative comedy about ADD/ADHD symptoms, treatment, and other challenges. Patrick McKenna, Rick Green, and Dr. Umesh Jain were the stars of this wonderful play. Not only was this a comedy, but it also included the audience with games such as, "Are You Smarter Than an ADD'er?" While at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, I got the chance to meet Russ Shipley, CHADD's Operations and Publishing Officer,  and Marsha Bokman, CHADD's Director of Meetings and Events. I presented the money raised from mine and Chelsea's car wash to Russ Shipley personally. Russ kindly invited my mother and I to dinner with him and a few other directors after the show, but unfortunately we had a plane to catch! 

 Presenting the proceeds from the car wash to Russ Shipley!

Rick Green, actor in "Now What?" 

Marsha Bokman and I

On Monday, June 20th, I traveled to the Palmetto Children's Hospital in Columbia, SC with my sister queens, Chelsea Gregory and Elizabeth Malvasia. We owe a HUGE thanks to the doctors and nurses at the Palmetto Children's Hospital for letting us come and visit. Also, thanks to the parents for giving us a chance to interact with your kids! I would also like to thank Sharon Gregory, Chelsea's mom, for setting up this wonderful event for us and buying all of the supplies! We couldn't have done it without you Mrs. Gregory! 

In front of the Plametto Children's Hospital, Columbia, SC

The "Dream Team" inside the beautiful lobby!

 Thanks to the nurses for helping us out! We appreciate it!

During our visit, we made arts and crafts with the children. We made foam crowns with the girls and paper shields with the boys. We had both patients in the hospital and children visiting patients come join the fun! Chelsea also read "When Donkeys Fly" to the children, which they really enjoyed! Chelsea, Elizabeth and I even got to visit a few personal rooms with children who were unable to leave their rooms. We also signed autograph cards for the kids to keep in their room as a keepsake along with their craft!

-Avery Close
Miss Teen South Carolina International 2011