Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time Fly's When Your Having Fun!

WOW! The month of march has already flown by and it has been eventful, so i want to take some time now to recap not only on my first month as Miss North Carolina International but also from the beginning of my journey to becoming Miss North Carolina International.

This picture is from my first appereance at a first grade class teaching students how important it is to brush at morning and at night and to also floss at least once a day!

I am the spokesperson for the Mission Children Hospital Tooth Bus and I travel around to schools targeting underprivelged children who do not have dental access and encourage them to get their parent/guardian to fill out the paper work so that they may be seen on the ToothBus when it comes to their school! I actually got to experience a day on the ToothBus and it is remarkable to see how precious one smile from a child makes you feel!

When I am not at school, working at the dental office, or traveling around to schools promoting the Tooth Bus i like to volunteer at the AB-Tech Sealant Clinic! This is something the College holds every friday in the Dental Clinic that i go to school at. This program is designed for children typically in the second grade (because that is when the 6yr molars come in) come to the cinic and we place Sealants on their 6yr molars!!!!

Another great experience I got to be apart of was the Mission Children's Hospital Radiothon! Below is a picture of me and some of the Staff from the ToothBus at Mission Children's Hospital. Oh! and the TOOTH FAIRY!!!

As Miss Asheville I organized a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party during one of my lunch breaks at school at AB-Tech to raise money and make shoes for children in Africa! Here is a link for anyone who is interested in learning more about Sole Hope or even hosting your own shoe cutting party!

Teaching Children the importance of Oral Health is truly a passion of mine not only do i adore being around children but to me their is nothing sweeter than to see a child smile!! That is what fuels my passion for pediatric dentistry!!!

This event was at an elementary school in McDowell where I was also interviewed and featured in the McDowell Country Newspaper! Here is a link to the press clipping!

Here is a picture of me and the Little Miss McDowell!

The Charlotte BobCats Game was such a great experience! My sister queens were also there we signed autographs and took pictures before the game started on Nascar Night! Janet Mrs. North Carolina arranged Nascar night and did such an amazing job!!!!

I am honored to announce that i have partnered up with a national organization as a goodwill ambassador for the AAPD Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Program! I will soon by flying to New York City in May to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Meeting, where i will be attending continuing education courses and also spending some time in the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children booth on the exhibit floor!!! And that's not ALL! The Highlight of my trip will be the Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Donor Appreciation Gala where i will be introduced as their newest Ambassador!!!!

This is simply just the first chapter of my journey... the possibilities are endless!

-Miss North Carolina International 2011