Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International ~ Judges the "25th" Watermelon Festival Pageant

Madelyn Varner ~ 2010 NC State Watermelon Queen
2009 NC Watermelon Festival Queen

Joseph & Ms. Judy

Breakfast at the Fair Bluff Train Depot before interviews.

Madelyn  & Lori Overstreet
~ 2009 NC Watermelon Festival Teen Miss

My Parade Driver

His Car dealership

Madelyn in her Official parade Carriage

A very HOT day for a parade!

Coordinating watermelon red attire!

Mary-Ashton Strickland ~ 2010 NC Watermelon Festival Queen  

The 2010 Watermelon Festival Court
NC Watermelon Teen Miss ~ Macelyn Batten
NC Watermelon Queen ~ Mary-Ashton Strickland
Mrs. NC Watermelon Queen ~  Bridgette Ludlum

Ms. Judy & Mary-Ashton

Mr. & Mrs. North Carolina International

It was an honor to be a part of the "25th" Annual Watermelon Festival that is held each summer in the quaint town known as Fair Bluff, NC.  I was asked to be a guest and judge this year's festival pageant.   This was the second year for me to enjoy the festival! 

It was a busy weekend with a full itinerary.  A pleasure to see Ms. Judy again, and spend time in her community!   Fair Bluff residents are very proud of their watermelon crops!

The NC Watermelon Festival has been enjoyed by many over the years and this year Joseph was able to attend!  He helped with the usual of taking photos and driving me around to my scheduled appointments.  Of course we were able to eat a lot of juicy watermelon too! 

CONGRATULATIONS to the new Queens!  Enjoy your reign, while you educate other's about the benefits of the vegetable watermelon and travel throughout NC!

I am planning on bringing all of my boys next year!

Please take the time to visit their website below:

North Carolina Watermelon Festival

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner