Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International ~ Mrs. International Competition!

Joy ~ The absolute Best Director & her
Mrs. Carolina Queens!  

Mr. & Mrs. North Carolina International! 
I am wearing a Flow by Tara Davis Cocktail Dress!


Getting ready for Semi-Finals!

Girls being silly during Finals!

After Finals
Gown ~ Reign Fine Apparel
Mac Douggal Couture Gown 


Shana & Joy (note: Joy's leopard shoes in honor of me!)

Elegant Jane!

My young fan club ~
Taylor - 15
Grayson - 10
Coles-Albert - 4
Andrew - 16

I would like to say thank you with my deepest gratitude to my darling husband Joseph, my boys, Joy,  my family, my sponsors, my community and to all of my friends and PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's members for your encouragement and suppport as I prepared for this experience!

Thank you!

My PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's work continues......

Faces by Joy

Flow by Tara Davis

Reign Fine Apparel

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner