Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mrs. & Miss North Carolina International with Joy at 27th Annual Threshers' Pageant

Joy, Me, Kristie, and Natalie ~ 2009 Threshers Queen

Natalie, Kristie, Me

I had to have a photo taken on this little tractor!  LOL!

On Saturday June 26th we had breakfast, got dressed and then we were out the door to travel to the Denton Farmpark for the 27th Annual Threshers' Pageant.  It was a beautiful country ride to sit back and enjoy.  When we arrived it was very picturesque with the green grass, trees, and pond.  There was a general store, a church and a row of tractors sitting in a line.  It was going to be a relaxing day to spend with Joy, Kristie and the Threshers' Pageant Board including the reigning 2009 Threshers' Queen Natalie Caviness.  Girl time is good to re-charge with when you live in a house with five boys including Joseph!   

Joy was asked to be one of their judges this year.  The group of seven contestants all came into the interview site ready to answer their questions.  Kristie and myself were able to encourage each one and hopefully help put them at ease before their turn.  All the girls looked polished from head to toe in their chosen attire!  The judges were looking for the 2010 Threshers' Queen that would represent their community and Festival.

After judging was finished it was photo op time!  Kristie and Natalie as well as myself climbed up on the steam engine that was warming up for next week's Festival!  We all laughed when the steam engine started chugging back and forth....Whoa!  We jumped off and before the steam engine completely chugged off we took another photo in front with Joy!

It was time for the judges to eat dinner and Joseph was on his way to pick me up at the restaurant! 

I had a scheduled appearance that evening at the Kannapolis Intimidators Game! 
Saturday......to be continued!

Event Fashion ~ Flow by Tara Davis

Threshers' Pageant

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner