Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miss Teen NC Int'l: Shawn Blanton bike rally

Two weeks ago was the bike rally for State trooper Shawn Blanton. Two years ago, Shawn was shot and killed while on duty at exit 31 in Canton. The memorial bike ride is to raise money for the the Shawn Blanton scholarship. It was a lot of fun with great food and music! I felt like I should have been wearing leather from being around over 450 motorcyclers. His wife, Michaela, is perhaps the strongest women I've met in my entire life. Whenever someone asks me who my inspritation or role model is, she comes to mind. She's lost so much and in the midst of tragedy she turned the situation around to help others. She has every reason to give up on life but continues to press on. She is always there for me and I know I can trust her with anything. She is an inspiration to everyone.