Thursday, July 1, 2010

North Carolina International Couple & Family at Kannapolis Intimidators Game!

Setting up our PP4Alz table

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Shaking hands and receiving an autographed baseball 

Andrew & Taylor about to sing  

I am so proud of my boys!

Me with some of the players

Timmy Gator                                                         

  Me being interviewd by Josh on their local sports station.              
 Sharing my PP4Alz message!      

      Meeting young admirers                                                      

       My sweet Coles-Albert 

Mom, Dad, Grayson and Me

Saturday the 26th was another chance for me to throw the first pitch at a Kannapolis Baseball Game!  Unlike my first visit it was not a rain out but it was 100% humidity!   A very very HOT day!  When we arrived it was time to set up our PP4Alz table.  We were having a PP4Alz fundraiser!

The crowd looked at our table as they were heading toward refreshing treats or their seats.  It was a comfort to receive such positive response from the general public.  Joseph had to watch the table as the boys and I went to the field.  I was scheduled to throw the first pitch and the boys were going to sing the National Anthem! 

I also had the wonderful opportunity to talk live with Josh during the game on the team's local and on-line radio station!  That was a lot of  FUN as I was able to reach 100's of people while raising awareness of Alzheimer's.  I shared my PP4Alz programs and spoke about my National Sponsors as well as the Fisher Center, who I am a National Spokesperson for out of NY.    

I enjoyed speaking to the patrons about our PP4Alz Programs specifically about the PURPLE Pennies jars that we had set out for monetary donations.  We were very excited to receive dollar bills too!  Total raised was almost $100!!!  Pennies to Dollars can help Dr. Greengard, who is a Nobel Prize Winner and his team at Rockefeller University in NY to find the much needed CURE for Alzheimer's disease!  

The Intimidators played a great game of baseball but after the ninth inning they lost to Augusta 4-3.   It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend watching fireworks together as a family!   

Event Fashion ~ Flow By Tara Davis

Kannapolis Intimidators

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner