Monday, June 28, 2010

Joy visits Charlotte with Mrs. North and South Carolina International Queens

Carolina International Director ~ Joy Pfister, Me, Shana
Embassy Suites 
The girls in our "sunglasses!" LOL!


My National Wardrobe Sponsor 
Tara Davis

We were all excited to see each other again!  It had been since our crowning moment on February 27th!  Joy was coming to Charlotte so we could view the Venue location for next year's pageant and then off to the hotel accommodations!     

I met Joy at the CPCC Overcash building.  Unfortunately due to a communication error Joy and I were not able to see the auditorium that day.  Shana got lost on the way so we met her at the Embassy Suites Hotel.  It was so nice to finally be together! 

The tour was enjoyable as we brainstormed as to what spaces were needed to have a successful orientation and pageant next year!  It was a bittersweet conversation as both Shana and I realized our reign would be over when that time arrived.  

The Embassy Suites on South Tryon is welcoming and a treat for your senses as you walk into the atrium and see the fountain!  The island meeting space amongst water is very inviting and therapeutic!  We are planning to have the contestant orientation in this space.  

Joy, Shana and myself then went to the Park Road Shopping Center Carolina Soda Shoppe, which is a favorite place of Joseph and our boys.  Joy and I ordered chocolate shakes, fried okra, and onion rings to split and Shana ordered a hot dog, fries and a soda!  MMM.....good!

We said our goodbyes to Shana and were on our way to my townhome so I could drop off my car.  As we  were sitting at a red light a lady misgauged the space between her car, a car parked on the left curb and Joy's!  You guessed it; ram right into Joy's pretty white Volvo SUV!  OMG!  It was a freaky full-moon Friday!  Her backlight cover was now sitting on the ground.  They both exchanged information and the usual procedures will be followed after there is an accident.

The next stop scheduled is to visit my National Wardrobe sponsor Tara Davis at her Flow by Tara Davis studio in No Da.  It was nice for Joy to meet Tara because she has been so generous in allowing me to use any of her samples in her studio!  Since I was crowned in February Tara has fashioned me with her past and current collections for most of my appearances!  This has been a blessing for sure!  

We were now on the road to Lexington for the Threshers Pageant.

To be continued................

Event Fashion ~ Flow by Tara Davis

Pease Auditorium

Embassy Suites

Carolina Soda Shoppe

Mrs. North Carolina International 
Cynthia Griner