Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miss Teen SC International teaches hundreds of kids!

I had the honor of teaching hundreds of kids about my platform and my life yesterday. I arrived at 8am and taught two classes until 12pm, then i attened chapel with all the lutheran students. After chapel and lunch, i taught two more classes until 4pm. I spoke about my platform, how it started, and i also told my personal life story, to prove that with faith you can make it through anything. I spoke about homelessness and how the stereotypes are leaving the innocent homeless helpless, and gave helps facts to teach them how to get involved, and stay involved to prove these stereo types on homeless false. I enjoyed it so much, it was one of the most heart wrenching jobs i have had to do as Miss Teen South Carolina International. Just knowing that me, my life inspired others so much, and to see their tears of support truley touched me!