Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Amazing September!!!!!

Wow, what an amazing September I have had as Miss South Carolina International 2011!!!  First, I had the opportunity to help Communities in Schools as they held a benefit fund raiser on September 17th called Dancing with the Cleveland County Stars.  I was able to emcee the entire night and was a guest VIP.  Watching the dancers and interacting with the judges and audience was right up my alley!  Communities in Schools is an organization that helps students stay in school to finish their high school education through after school programs.  I will be speaking at some of their schools this year and cannot wait to share my message to those with learning disabilities. 

I also read the book When Donkeys Fly to a 3rd grade class at Union Elementary School. This was such a great experience because the kids were so receptive and asked so many great questions. Then the teacher asked the children what skills would be needed to be Miss South Carolina International because they were learning about jobs that week. My good friend Anna Wehr was their student teacher and it was also great to see her!

The very next day, I was honored to model for Reign Fine Apparel at the NC/SC USA Pageant Forum. I modeled an interview outfit and had a blast seeing old friends and people I love!

Then the high point was this week when I was a special guest for Charlotte Fashion Week hosted by Plitz Fashion Marketing.  The week began at a VIP reception at the Hotel Sierra on Wednesday, September 21st.  There was a silent auction and fund raiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

Next, I arrived at the Epicenter in Uptown Charlotte on Friday, September 23rd around 4:30 pm. I began to do my interviews with the media and press when suddenly, I was pulled to model for designer Megan Mew of Mew Designs. I quickly got my hair done and make-up completed by Dolce Lusso Salon and Spa and went to try on the outfit that I would walk in. I was so excited because her clothes are really fun and flirty and she was so great as a person. She comes from Charleston, SC and was happy to have me model. So much so, that when we all came out at the end, she wanted me to wear my sash!

The experience of being interviewed by such media as Charlotte Magazine, Sheen, Wink Women's Magazine, the Charlotte Fashion Week Backhouse Commentator and many others was really rewarding. On Saturday, I did more interviews and mingled with guests taking pictures and talking. I had the pleasure of speaking to hostess, Samantha Busch, wife of race car driver Kyle Busch. She is so sweet and a really sincere person. I loved her. The fashions were really amazing especially the last ones by Cory Couture. I felt like I was in Paris or Milan! But my favorites were Navy and Pearls and of course Mew Designs.

Overall, I have to say, I haven't had this much fun in a very long time if ever!  I am so blessed to have this title and to have met so many fabulous people!  I was treated like royalty!  I'd like to thank Anthony Simons and Kayla Rose of Plitz Fashion Marketing for giving me such an opportunity!