Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great things in store!!

Wow! School has started and I can already feel the blessing that are coming my way this fall! I have had 3 significant things happen this week that I would like to inform you about! First, I had found a new cleansing product and I might try it out! It is called Isagenics. It is a cleansing program that consists of milkshakes and other supplements. I have heard it has changed many lives so check it out!!

Second, this week the mentors for Gardner-Webb University's learning disability program met with the freshman for an orientation! It was very exciting and the program is busier than ever! We got 60 and counting new students who requested services of the learning disability program! Our orientation was very successful and we even gave them tours around campus.

The last thing that happened this week, that I am ECSTATIC about, was meeting with the Communities In Schools program in Cleveland County! I am going to be judging a Dancing with the Stars event that will benefit the program! Communities in Schools is a drop out prevention program and I look forward to continue working with them so that I can help keep students with ADHD off the streets! They also told me they would be able to get me in to speak at schools in the area! I am SO excited about working with them!!!!

More to come soon!!!

Miss South Carolina
Chelsea Rae