Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Fun!

Just an update on my life! Joy has done such a wonderful job with our countdown to nationals! I loved seeing everyone's responses. Currently I am preping for nationals and it is SO close! One exciting thing I have done recently is speak at the Girl Voice Conference in Charlotte for girls who are at risk. I loved being at this event because they had some awesome workshops for the girls to attend and then a luncheon and fashion show. I was enabled the opportunity to speak at the luncheon about my platform and hopefully reach out to some one in the audience. My main message to the girls was that they can succeed. I think this was very important for them to hear because they are at such a prime age where their decisions will affect the rest of their life. Whether they have a learning disability or not, hopefully my message was helpful.

After I spoke, I actually had a few people come up to me while I was signing autographs and tell me that they had a child with ADHD. This was such a rewarding feeling for me because this has always been my dream. I was able to give advice to the moms and speaking with them about their struggles. 

The next thing I did was the Tega Cay 4th of July Parade! This was a BLAST! I felt so special and beautiful. I got to wish everyone in the town a Happy 4th of July and connect with the crowd because it was a slow moving parade.

We made a few friends as well! Our friends at the Tega "Cro-Cay" club and Mrs Strawberry Festival!

The parade was so fun to do because I have never been in a parade before. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I also did a meet and greet after the parade. A lot of little girls came up to me and were confused but it made my day to know that they got to meet a queen. Lots of them said "look mommy a princess!" I told all of them they are beautiful. This is how much it means to me to be a queen.

That is all for now, but preping for nationals is in progress! 15 more days!
Chelsea Gregory
Miss South Carolina Intl