Monday, July 18, 2011

Fairy Godmother Project of Music City Donates Over 100 Gowns!

I am busily getting ready for Nationals.  I cannot believe it is here already but I am prepared and excited to get there and meet everyone. 

This past several weeks, I have been working out with Victor Sanders, getting my tan on at Palm Beach Tan and had my hair done.  I got to spend the day with Joy in Richmond which was huge fun! We went out to lunch (the best part) and got to meet her dogs and husband and son.  It was a short trip but a good one.

I've also been working with Jaime Estrada of Reign Fine Apparel and Chelsea Cooley Altman (Miss USA 2005) in order to get my interviewing skills down.  And of course, we packed and sent my wardrobe (or part of it) last week.  The best part of that is that we had to use Cheetah Duct Tape to close up the box.  I bet the hotel will get a laugh out of that!

As for my titleholder work, I was so excited and thrilled to have the Fairy Godmother Project of Music City donate over 100 gowns to one of my partner organizations.  The Sandbox and I collected the gowns for a "prom" they are hosting for Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte in September.  The children/patients who will be attending are those who most likely missed their own proms because they were receiving treatment for their illnesses.  When I was told they needed over 100 gowns, I was a little overwhelmed.  But, I started out on the Miss International website and found the Donate a Dress organization.  They help pull together projects like this all over the country.  I can't thank the Fairy Godmother Project of Music City enough for helping us with this worthy event.  I am hoping to assist in a fashion show in August to help raise additional funds that will pay for tuxedos, flowers, food, a DJ, etc. 

I am also working with the Plitz Fashion Marketing Group who will be holding Charlotte Fashion Week in September.  Kayla Rose and Anthony Simon are the movers and shakers and I am very blessed to have connected with them.  On Friday night, I attended a Pre-Fashion Week mixer at Suite in the Epi Center in Charlotte.  That was fun!

Well, until Nationals are over, I will be preparing and resting up for the busy week.  I want to thank Joy Pfister for being the best director!  She has truly helped us get to where we need to be and I believe the Carolina girls will rock Chicago!!!!!  Best of luck to Janet and Elizabeth this week.  I love you both.  You are such great role models.  And to Avery, Morgan and Brittany next week!  Love you all.

Chelsea Gregory
Miss South Carolina International 2011