Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dallas: Revealed

This past week I was in Dallas to take a PowerTalk class! It was so great! I got to stay with a friend of the family and discover the store "Charming Charlies". SO many cute things!!! I also got a tasty dinner and ice cream.. YUM! The class was awesome, I got to develop a speech that I will continue to give throughout the summer about ADHD. Once the whole class learned that I was Miss South Carolina they were all joking with me and calling me the pro. They were even asking me questions about the class since my mom teaches it as well! I chose not to take it from my mom though so I would benefit more from it.

I even got to meet a woman who has a daughter with ADD!!! It was amazing to talk to her and get to share my story with her. I told her I am working on changing the schools attitudes :) It is a bittersweet thing when you have to leave PowerTalk because you bond with the people in your class so much since you are with them for two days straight. All in all, I would say my trip to Dallas was a success!

Miss South Carolina,
Chelsea Gregory