Saturday, May 14, 2011

Courage + Love and Support = Achievement

I just had to share this letter I received from a family who will be coming to hear me speak on Friday, May 27th at the Master Mind Luncheon.  I am including the invitation that went out as well as her response.  This is making my job as a queen so rewarding.  I had no idea that so many people felt the way that I did and still do many times.  What a blessing for having this opportunity to make a difference.

May is a time to be INSPIRED!
This month’s speaker and her parents are special people with an uplifting story. When you read about Chelsea Gregory, I know that you are going to want to meet her. So, I’m going to let Chelsea’s biography set the stage.
Chelsea Rae Gregory
Miss South Carolina International 2011
“Imagine waking up every morning feeling discouraged, stressed, overwhelmed and stupid. That was me until four years ago. Students with attention deficit disorder struggle with challenges that no one can see and some don’t even believe exist. As Miss South Carolina International, I have put my crown to work raising awareness and helping students and their families live successful, productive lives through skills, mentoring, lifestyle decisions and asking for help!”

Chelsea Gregory, Miss SC International 2011 is a senior at Gardner-Webb University majoring in Communications and PR. But that is not what makes Chelsea unique. What makes this young lady unique is that she has won a state title in the International pageant system, managed to maintain grades good enough to be on the Dean’s Honor Roll and helped others through her program called Re-Focus: Awareness for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.

As a spokesperson for CHADD, the organization that supports children and adults with attention deficit disorder, Chelsea herself is challenged with the learning barrier. She has struggled most of her life with learning, achieving her potential and reaching her dreams.

The International pageant system is not only a platform for pretty girls. This system promotes selfless volunteerism and in order to compete at the national level, the titleholders must promote a platform they are passionate about. This is where Chelsea’s story becomes one of inspiration and success.

Are you interested in ending your month on a high note? Would you like to meet Chelsea and her parents and learn more about their amazing story? How about doing a Do you know someone, or a family, who might be struggling with a child who is confronting a learning barrier? Please invite them so that they can experience hope and learn how to address their child’s challenge in a more positive and effective way.
And, finally…Here are this month’s meeting details:
When: Friday, May 27th
Where: The Palisades Country Club
Times: Convene for lunch at 11:30 – 12:30
Our presentation/ questions/ discussion will run to 2:PM

Response to the Invite
Paul, these five words sum up how we feel about Alex's journey. He showed such courage in the face of people seeing the outside packaging, a good looking, funny kid with everything at his finger tips, while at the same time receiving the frustration of teachers and his parents alike, unable to cope with all the baggage that goes with having a condition that as she so well says, cannot be seen and is sometimes treated like it doesn't exist. Right before Alex left he spent a few sessions with Dr. Ralph Milligan at St. John's and after one of his final meetings he came to us and said one of the most damaging times in his life happened at EYC when he was picked on by another kid for being "home schooled". He really wasn't being home schooled we were putting him through the cognitive training at Learning Rx and trying to figure his wiring issues out for ourselves.

I will give us credit for loving and supporting him and for fighting for all the interventions we could from the school system to literally keep his head above water academically. Oh boy do we love this child. We have often said the girls could have been raised by wolves, but Alex made us parents!

It is such a great achievement for Alex to be completing BMT in the USAF at this time. Don't get me wrong, after so many years of watching Alex run to the finish line only to have some complexity of his barriers cause him to step on his own his laces and miss the mark, it is difficult not to have a lingering fear that he might not make it again, but I leave my fears and my son in Gods hands and know that it will all be for good.

I look forward to coming to the lunch with Mum and listening to this young woman. Her story is so current and learning barriers have waited so long for someone to spearhead genuine concern and care.

Love to all,

If you know of anyone who might benefit from this luncheon, please pass the information along! 

Thanks for listening!

Chelsea Gregory
Miss South Carolina International 2011