Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day with the QUEENS.....from The Directors Point of View

Joy Pfister;State Director
I was off to the Carolina's for EASTER with my family and ALSO to pay a visit to (my girls) six fabulous beauty queens (I am their director) to help them with hair/makeup for photo shoots, coaching for interview and stage, and wardrobe consulting for all the PRE-PREP before nationals in JULY! I took photos of my ENTIRE day so you can see some behind the scenes fun! ....mind you this all happened JUST on MONDAY-for the most part!

I arrive in Tega Cay South Carolina around 6pm (after leaving the Easter family fun in Greensboro, NC), where I am staying with beautiful Chelsea Gregory, Miss SC International and her family! (Sunday night) I BEG to go to the BARN where they own a BEAUTIFUL Quarter HORSE (JOY fact: I owned a Sorrel and White 3/4 Arab named Kalee... years ago). I inhaled with great joy the barn and horse smells and my soul was filled with the tranquility of what horses bring, smelling hay, and feeding her horse MINTS! HORSE MINTS! HA!

OMG! This is SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

BACK on my mission.....early the next morning at 6:30a, I race out of bed and into the shower for the day I have been looking forward to! Meeting with all six of the Carolina International Titleholders!

I first meet with Elizabeth Malvasia, Mrs. South Carolina International. We have planned to get her photos from Pageant Photographer Lenn Long in Charlotte NC!!  This is Elizabeth at 8:00am! ain't she cute?

After I get my hands on her HAIR!

 AND after I got my hands on her FACE.......Lenn did the rest.....

I love this shot for you all that wonder what it looks like behind the scenes of a BEAUTY shoot. Here is Elizabeth in her PANTS and Sneakers, with her DRESS and Jewels!

Isn't the lighting totally striking with her black dress and hair and features? love this!

After we finished up here mid morning.... we were off to Elizabeth's DANCE studio 20 min away!! Elizabeth and her Husband own two Dance Studios in North Carolina and they are on a BILLBOARD! Check out Carolina Dance Sport!

at 11:45am I  meet with ALL of the girls for lunch and a DAY filled with COACHING (by me) 
Elizabeth's STUNNING Studio!

TEEN SC -Multi Tasking with her mom Debbie chatting behind her!

Avery Close-Teen South Carolina International!

Morgan Bright, Teen North Carolina and her beautiful mom, Robin (they traveled 8 hours from the beach to be with us!)

there she is.... Miss SC International- Chelsea Gregory

Miss North Carolina International- Brittney Clark

Pictured center Mrs. North Carolina International- Janet Risner Bolin (Elizabeth far R) Mrs. Gregory L

By 6:00p Lenn Long arrives to work his magic and get us some GREAT GROUP photos! Thus all the ladies get in the Crowns and start to STRIKE A POSE!

Even beauty Queens get a little help, notice Brits Shirt Clips in the back! LOL

AROUND 11:45 PM I LEFT the studio after several hugs a BYES. I climbed into bed at 1:30a on TUESDAY morning, for 5 hours of sleep before heading back to Richmond VA and 6:30a! 

-----------THE Director