Friday, March 4, 2011

Mrs. North Carolina International ~ Committe Member for the 2011 Miss Queen City/Metrolina America Pageant

Miss Queen City/Metrolina Pageant Board and Committee Members
standing proudly with their 2011 Queens!  

L - R
Me, Amanda Chavis, Jennifer Cozart,
2011 Miss Metroliona OT ~ Alexandra Badgett
2011 Miss Metrolina ~ Jessica Lackey
2011 Miss Queen City ~ Sarah Southard
2011 Miss Queen City OT ~ Mindy Pope  
Julie Koenig, Brenda Wells, Matthew K. Mitchell
  Elaine White, Scott Frazier,  Not shown: Gina Story,
Andrew and Jennifer White 

Singer/Motivational Speaker ~ Leslie Beaver

2010 Miss OT NC America ~ Kayla Renee Hollingsworth
and 2010 Miss NC America ~ Adrienne Core

Sweet friends ~ Mickie Petty and Kelli Davis Miller (sisters)

 Brie West ~ Pageant Judge 

2011 Miss Queen City America ~ Sarah Southard

2011 Miss Metrolina America ~ Jessica Lackey

On February 5th, 2011 the Miss Queen City/Miss Metrolina Pageant was held at CPCC's, Pease Auditorium.   This year's pageant was sold out and next year Julie Koenig, who is the Director has already stated that the 2012 event will be held in a 1,000 seat venue located in the Overcash building of CPCC's campus.   

All of our 4 New Queens both OT and Miss will be representing us at the 2011 Miss North Carolina America Pageant in Raleigh, NC June 18-25th.

Miss NC America Pageant

Miss Queen City/Miss Metrolina America Pageant

Beaver Family Ministries

Mrs. North Carolina International 2010
Cynthia Griner