Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mrs. North Carolina International spends a momentous Valentines Day Judging the Queen of Hearts Pageant and Dinner with Mr. North Carolina International at Cafe Monte

Bryan Rife ~ Golden Living Activities Director
 Monica Mojtabai ~ Director of Sales and Marketing

Sign 1

Sign 2

Judges:  Cassie Curtiss, Me, Starla DaVinci, and Tameka Everhardt 

Saying Happy Valentine's to the residents.....

The hearts on your headband are so cute Cynthia!  ;  )

My sweet Coles-Albert getting ready to color while I am volunteering.  



Getting ready....

Introducing myself....

More judges: Salem Jordan Sherill, Debi Lee and The pageant begins......


Cynthia's crowning 

Cynthia's daughter is speaking about how she hit a crossroads in
her life and is very thankful her choice was to take care of her mom.

La Trese Owens ~ Cynthia's Sponsor and Director of Nursing

Giving a bouquet of roses to a dissapointed contestant.
They were all winners!

Valentine's Day 2011! If I described a perfect Valentine's Day this is how I would spend it as you looked at the photos above! However, my perfect Valentine's Day started in the morning, when I was treated to baked eggs in red heart-shaped ramekins served with love by my Valentine, Joseph.

Having the special opportunity to volunteer at a Senior Industry Home lifting the spirits of Alzheimer's Residents and spreading smiles throughout my visit. I am able to touch the residents, the family members, the staff and my community by being a part of an event such as this.
I have known Bryan Rife for four years and this is the fourth year he has invited me to be a Celebrity Judge for his Queen of Hearts Pageant Activity. Bryan, who is the Activities Director is very dedicated and creative, and it is so important to have activities like this for the residents. This activity improved the quality of life for "a moment" in the residents life and as I watched each of the 15 contestants their personality of who they became afflicted by Alzheimer's was shining through.

This is priceless and there needs to be more activities directors like Bryan.
The Queen of Hearts Pageant allows the contestants to be pampered, while getting their hair done, nails and makeup from various community artists, who also volunteer their time. The contestants also enjoy getting dressed up from head-to-toe! A girls got to have her BLING right as it makes us all feel special!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Cynthia Huntley, who is the 2011 Queen of Hearts!

... and the Journey is Not about you... It is About those you can touch, speak to, embrace, give hope to, encourage with words, lift, and Love...and You...will be Blessed Beyond Measure!

Golden Living 5th Street

Event TV Coverage WCNC Channel 36

Event Fashion ~ Flow by Tara Davis ~ black denim skirt 

Event Photographer:  Mr. North Carolina International 2010 

All dressed up for dinner at Cafe Monte in my Great Grandmother's Mink,
Flow by Tara Davis black denim skirt, and Beret!

Happy Valentine's Day to my Love, my Joseph,
my Blue Eyes, my best friend and my Mr. North Carolina International!

The perfect ending to a perfect day was enjoying a romantic dinner with my Joseph, (AKA) Mr. North Carolina International 2010.  It is always nice to have the opportunity and date night as we have four busy boys!  My Blue Eyes looked very debonair and I felt beautiful in my ensemble.  We enjoyed a nice bottle of French wine and toasted to our 20 years of marriage and year of service to our community as the
2010 North Carolina International Royal Couple!  

Cafe Monte

Flow by Tara Davis ~ Event Fashion, black denim skirt

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Mrs. North Carolina International 2010
Cynthia Griner