Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. North Carolina International 2010 ~ Last Walk and My Farewell Speech

Mr. & Mrs. North Carolina International 2010 ~ Last Walk

The young one's Coles-Albert & Grayson were able to join us on stage! 
Andrew & Taylor were playing roles of the Quartet in "Music Man" with their school NWSA!  

A very special hug from Joy and beautiful flowers!

In a blink of an eye my pageant sisters, our director Joy and I are back on stage together.

Tonight I am on this stage to say my final goodbye as your Mrs. North Carolina International 2010.

Wow! What a rollercoaster ride this has been with my darling husband Joseph,  Our four boys were able to jump on too along the way.

As Mrs. North Carolina International the International System has allowed my voice to be heard as an Alzheimer's Advocate, which lead to the creation of my non-profit PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheinmer's.

This crown on head had come with powers beyond my imagination.  It became a KEY to my community, and opened doors that were locked before.

I was asked to make appearances at Black Tie Events, model for fashion shows, judge pageants, but most importantly raise awareness of Alzheimer's and funds for the disease.

I made over 75 appeasrances dring the past year and each and every one of them were special because of the people I was able to meet and form relationaships. 

One particular appearance was when I was a Celebrity Chef for the Golden Living Center.  I was able to share my famous "French Toast" with the residents, many of whom suffer from Alzheimer's.  This event allowed me to "DANCE IN THE MOMENT" with these special people, and it reminded me why I started this journey four years ago, when my Grandfather Robert A. Albert Sr. passed away after suffering from Alzheimer's for mor than 20 years.

I would like to thank all my wonderful friends and sponsors, who supported me over the past year.  Thank you mom and dad for bring here for me.

To my four boys I LOVE YOU with all my heart.  Youv'e been very patient with me during my reign.

Joy and Joseph I cannot fully express with my appreciation for your patience, love, support and encouragement.

Team Cynthia helped me grow stronger and I could not have done it without you both.

Thank you!

Event Fashion ~ Bryan K. Osburn

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Mrs. North Carolina International 2010    
Cynthia Griner