Thursday, March 31, 2011

And a New Adventure Begins...

The adventure of a lifetime for me began Sunday, March 17th, somewhere around 5pm. My name was called from a stage filled with incredible women, a crown placed upon my head, and a sash naming me Mrs South Carolina International 2011 was wrapped around my shoulders. As overwhelmed with excitement as I was at that moment, the fact that I was truly Mrs South Carolina hit me the next day when my inbox was flooded to capacity with emails and to-do's, my facebook page has 70+ friend requests, I had a two studios full of staff and students who were waiting for my attention, and was only 4 weeks out from hosting a national ballroom championship. The reality of the incredible journey I was about to take REALLY hit me then! Overwhelmed with both excitement for what was to come and panic over how I would make it all work, I vowed to take each day as it came, enjoy each and every moment of this incredible opportunity that God has blessed me with, and to do what I always do, which is give each aspect of my life 110%. I can sleep again in the Spring of 2012, as for now I don't want to miss a thing!

Since this is my first blog, I wanted to take a minute and give everyone a chance to know me. The first and most obvious fact is that I am Mrs South Carolina International 2011. A little known fact is that I was actually Miss South Carolina International 2008! I am SO honored and excited to be back and part of the Carolina International family again and to represent the incredible state of South Carolina at the International pageant this summer.

It would be impossible to tell about myself without sharing that I am a (semi)retired professional ballroom and latin dance champion and coach. I now own DanceSport Carolina Dance Studios as well as two nationally ranked dancesport championships. I met my husband dancing nearly a decade ago and am blessed to be able to share in my life's work with him! While on the subject of my incredible husband, I have to acknowledge that I would not be writing this blog as the new Mrs South Carolina International if it wasn't for him. His support and love for me and all I seek to accomplish in this life is amazing. God has truly, truly blessed me and I am so greatful. I often wonder what I ever did to deserve this life he has given me. I am not sure, but am SO GLAD he did!

I am going to wrap up here, even though I ALREADY have stories to share about appearances and upcoming events! I want to keep everyone wanting and waiting for more! ;) For those who are interested in following my professional dance career and all the happenings of my "other" life's passion, I would love to have you follow my blog at Until next time..

So grateful to be,

Mrs South Carolina International 2011