Monday, September 20, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International ~ Day 1, 2 & 3 Traveling and Preparations for Nationals in Chicago!

Day 1 ~ Departure for Chicago

Stewart Hough styles my hair before we leave Charlotte
at Just Jane & Company.

Stopover in Indianapolis

Pretty toes......


Day 2 ~ Arrival to Chicago!

Doubletree Hotel!

Day 3 ~ I am wearing a Flow by Tara Davis Tuxcheetah Dress
 Bree and Teonna ~ Owners of badc
with Bryan K. Osburn!


Me in a BKO Custom Design!

Amy B. White styled my hair for Orientation.

One of Chicago's finest salons 
Note:  Mr. North Carolina International is in the reflection! 

It was July 11th and time for Mr. & Mrs. North Carolina International to depart for Nationals!  On the way out of Charlotte we stopped by Just Jane & Company so Stewart Hough, who is one of my sponsors could style my hair for the first part of the trip!

We decided it was best to enjoy a stopover in Indianapolis and stayed downtown at the Hilton Hotel.  It was a night of luxury as a couple to enjoy......the calm before the storm.  We had a nice dinner in the hotel.  In fact I would recommend anyone to stay there.   After a good nights sleep; breakfast; a workout; lunch; and a pedicure it was time to continue on to Chicago!     

Joseph and I enjoyed conversation and a beautiful ride through Indiana.   It was such a sight to see all of the windmills on the horizon for miles and miles.  I will never forget that!  It almost felt like they were watching us as we were driving past.  It was sunny, and a mild warm temperature that day.  A day of promise for new experiences.....experiences of a lifetime!

On Tuesday I had a fitting appointment with Bryan K. Osburn at the store badc (borrow a dress couture), where his BKO Collection is on display as well as for sale.  Bryan was very generous to custom design a gown for me to wear at the Judges/Chamber of Commerce Dinner.  I of course chose design sketch #4!  The gown was made out of a Black and White Velvet Brocade with Black Velvet hip accent and hem.  Bryan chose to use a Red Silk Lining underneath as symbolism for Go Red!  All fabric was purchased in NY City.  GORGEOUS!  Such a humbling feeling for someone to support my journey this way.  Thank you Bryan!!!  

I had two more appointments at one of Chicago's finest hair salon's Art + Science so my hair could be freshened up before Orientation that evening.  A quick trip to the MAC counter for a clean face and back to the Doubletree Hotel to change for Orientation. 

I was so excited to meet all of the 51 other delegates (Mrs. Alabama was not in attendance), who were vying for the 2010 Mrs. International Title!

                       The Mrs. International Class of 2010!  


Just Jane & Company

Hilton ~ Indianapolis Downtown Location

Doubletree Hotel ~ Skokie Location

Bryan K. Osburn Collection

Flow by Tara Davis

bdac ~ borrow a dress couture

Art + Science Hair Salon ~ Evanston Location

Cynthia Griner
Mrs. North Carolina International 2010