Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International and her son Grayson visit The Ivey

Some of The Ivey staff ~Victoria, Kelly, June, Me, Grayson, Cindy

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's has several active programs.  Some were designed specifically by Joseph and me to involve our family.  We have a big family of four boys ranging in the ages between 4-16. 

It is very important to teach our children the importance of giving back with their talents to the community they are growing up in!  I hope that through our programs my boys will learn this and appreciate my gentle push to do so.  I have been blessed with very talented boys!  Today July 8th we visited The Ivey, which is an Adult Day Care Center located in the Southpark area of Charlotte.  PP4Alz helps support The Ivey through it's many fundraisers toward a Caregiver Fund and emphasizes the importance of enhancing in the quality of life of an Alzheimer's victim.

Grayson, who is my adorable and very bright 10 year old agreed to share his 4th grade Poetry Project during our visit that he worked so hard on.  He is very pleased of the A+ he received from his teacher.  This was a chance for him to "shine", gain confidence in front of a crowd, and touch the members of The Ivey and the staff with his original poems as well as authored ones.  He is shown above proudly holding his Poetry book that he made.

The members were very appreciative of our visit.  Seniors receive energy from children when they visit.  It helps them remember when they were young.  Grayson brought smiles and questions of interest from the Senior members today.  They especially enjoyed and understood the Acrostic Poems he read.  Kelly, who is the Activities Director, had just studied this style of poetry with her members.

I have below some of the original Acrostic Poems Grayson wrote.  This is how Grayson describes this style of poetry.  An Acrostic Poem is a poem where you use one word and each letter of the word becomes a description of the word used.  Grayson was very glad to have this opportunity to share one of his many talents with the members of The Ivey.  I am a very proud Mama! 
... and the Journey is Not about you... It is About those you can touch, speak to, embrace, give hope to, encourage with words, lift, and Love...and You...will be Blessed Beyond Measure!

The Ivey

The Alzheimer's Poetry Project, founded by New York poet Gary Glazner

As audiences go, Alzheimer's patients are a tough group. Some stare into space or drift off to sleep. Others have trouble sitting still — and tend to get up and wander off if they're bored. Many forget why they came or who is performing.

Studies show that listening to poetry can lower heart rate and other indicators of stress, and that using words in new and creative ways sparks dramatic reactions in the brain's pathways.

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner