Wednesday, June 23, 2010

North Carolina International Couple & "A Night of PURPLE Jewelry"

Betsy Mapes ~ Sponsor, Ballantyne Dilworth Coffee, Jewelry Artists, and Will ~ Manager

Little Queens visiting event ~ Emily & Zoe

Debbie Goldstein, whose mother was an Alzheimer's victim
JAOC Cintia is in the background

MMM....Thank you to The Blushing Bakeshop & Amelie's 

Marissa & Noel Feldman ~ customers

Elizabeth B. Scott ~ JAOC

Two of my favorite supporters ~ Mom and Aunt Lynda

"A Night of PURPLE Jewelry" was held at the Jewelry Artists of Charlotte store located in Ballantyne Village.  There are amost 30 local artists showcasing their styles of handmade jewelry in the store.   I have my eye on a pair of earrings to wear with my evening gown!   

A jewelry store, whose designers make one-of-a-kind pieces in silver & gold with semi-precious stones, crystals, and beads.  I was very pleased to receive support from 9 artists who attended the event.  They all had chosen PURPLE jewelry for the auction.  I had the opportunity to model an Amythest necklace designed by Beverly Grant and a a pair of Amethyst crystal silver earrings as well as a silver bracelet with PURPLE crystals designed by Kim Bell.  The earrings were a free-form twist with a PURPLE crystal hanging at the bottom.  The beautiful necklace immediately had a luxurious feeling when placed around my neck!  

The event had a fair turnout and we raised a nice amount to donate to the Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation.  100% of any donations given to the Fisher Center this summer until September 1st during their "It's In Your Hands" Campaign  will go directly to Alzheimer's research.  

Debbie Goldstein is a close friend and frequent customer of Cintia Emery, who is one of the JAOC.  Debbie's Dad passed away in 1997, 10 years before her mom in 2007.  "Mom always had memories before Dad passed away; none afterward."  The facility White Oak Manor owned by Dennis and Susan Bowes used flash cards written in Spanish to translate her mother's words and "treated her with extreme respect."  Debbie's mother at age 71 started to show signs of Alzheimer's disease and she lost her battle at age 87.  "She had a tear in her eye and would hold my hand tight as if to say Daughter I am so sorry to be doing this to you.  It is a never ending cruel disease."

Cintia's mother was a 4 year victim of Alzheimer's and lost her battle with the disease at 78.  Cintia expressed sadness while telling me, "I was no longer buying Mommy fancy scarves, purses or clothes; I was filling my suitcases with Depends instead."

Shirley Kelley, who is also a JAOC lost her Mom in 1991 to Alzheimer's at the age of 82.  She was a victim of the disease for 20 years when Shirley decided it was time to stop the feeding tube and let her mom rest.  Shirley had a thought provoking question for me.  "What is the procedure on the continuation of an Alzheimer's afflicted; sustaining life itself?"  PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's is concerned with the quality of life for Alzheimer's patients, partly because my dad does not feel that Grandpa left us with his dignity.       

Another JAOC artist, Elizabeth Scott's Grandfather started to show signs of the disease at 69 and lost his battle at age 79.  "He struggled with his speech and the ironic thing was he used to be a minister at First Presbyterian of Charlotte.  Dr. Kraemer lost his communication tool that was so important to him and his career," Elizabeth stated. 

Please take the time this summer to visit and support the Jewelry Artists of Charlotte.  I am confident you will be able to add a new pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace, as well as an original, and will not break the piggy bank!

This is an e-mail I received that night from Debbie Goldstein.

Dear Cynthia,

It was a great pleasure meeting you today, I felt very good talking about my mother's (Marucha Soued) experience . It was a real long journey but I always felt no matter what, I owed my mother all my love for what she had done for me in the past years. She was a beautiful lady, smart, great mother, great wife and marvelous friend . White Oak Manor (here is the information 4009 Craig Ave. Charlotte, NC 28211 phone 704 365 6425 704 3652620 Mrs.Susan and Dennis Bowes.) was a great help to me and my family.
I also had a wonderful private caretaker (excellent) for almost 10 years Luisa Fieldings....adorable lady that helped me deal with my mother's Alzeihmer.
I told both of my daughters today ( Michelle and Stephanie ) that I had the great honor of meeting you and I would love for Tasty Yo, to help out with this cause (Purple Passion) and even though we are a small family owned business that just started almost a year ago we are willing to do like a fundraiser with our purple yogurt .Michelle will be contacting you soon. Cynthia your cause is very valuable to people like me, I always pray to G-d that I will not have to face this disease myself, that is why I always try to keep busy,, it's like a never ending cruel disease, never ends it gets worse each time. But I always gave my mom all my love because I knew every step of the way that she never lost her feelings even the night before her death there was a little goodbye tear. I owe White Oak Manor a million thanks for what they did the last 3 years of my mother's life they respected her like a human being until the day of her death and that meant a lot to me. I am thankful also to Linda Cook one of the best CNA's at White Oak Manor. As a Jew it is the tradition that someone from the Jewish religion comes to get the body ready for the funeral service and the nurses of this institution begged me if they could do it INSTEAD and I gave them the honor because they had been and known my mother Marucha and treated her with all the respect that a human being deserves.

Thank you for what you do and I hope that Tasty Yo can do something also to help out.
best regards
Debbie Goldstein

Jewelry Artists of Charlotte 

Beverly Grant
Event Necklace ~ $475.00
Event Earrings ~ $30.00

Kim Bell
Event Bracelet ~ $125.00

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Thank you to our sponsors!

Dilworth Coffee of Ballantyne Village

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Mrs. North Carolina International 
Cynthia Griner