Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Carolina International Couple and PP4Alz Teens

Introduction of PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's and PP4Alz Teens


PP4Alz Teens

Morgan reading her poem she wrote


 Stephanie talking about the inspiration of her painting

Stephanie's Beautiful PURPLE bird painting

Taylor strumming 

Alice reading a poem

Andrew singing and Taylor strumming  

Caitlin the ballerina

Sweet residents

Caitlin and Joyce Hubbard ~ Community Business Director 

We are all SMILING pleased with our performances!

It was not an ordinary Saturday. The PP4Alz Teens were going to perform at Atria Merrywood! We were all very excited! The lineup was decided and we took a quick photo before the program began.

PP4Alz wants to reach out to the youth in our community, so we have created PP4Alz Teens, which educates and supports teenagers whose family members may be afflicted by Alzheimer’s. This program also allows teenagers to visit seniors in Memory Care Centers to sing, dance, play a musical instrument, read, and therefore lift the spirits of a victim, so that they can live in the moment.

PP4Alz Teens get together once a month to have a meeting about the next month's performance and to allow the young adults to speak about the disease and how it affects them. This visit included 6 total teenagers. There was a variety of talents to be shared and enjoyed, as listed below:

Morgan cited a poem that she wrote about stopping to hear the music
Stephanie described a painting she created
Taylor strummed his guitar and played "Your Beautiful" and "I'm Yours"
Alice cited the poem "Where The Sidewalk Ends"
Andrew and Taylor Duet "Hey There Deliah"
Caitlin performed a ballet dance

All the performances were wonderful! When Stephanie was describing the inspiration of her painting she became emotional. She was deeply saddened because both of her Grandparents were victims of the disease and her Grandfather had already lost his battle. This displayed of emotion was unexpected for all of us, especially Stephanie.

For her spontaneous honesty and courage, Stephanie received the PURPLE star award!

The residences were all very appreciative of the youths’ talents and for volunteering their time. We had explained to them how the arts and reading stimulate seniors’ minds, especially those patients of Alzheimer’s. Several residents inquired how to contribute to the fund; they also wanted to know how soon we would return!

After the performances, we took the teens out for pizza to reflect on the event and get their suggestions for future occasions. It was truly divine to hear them offer their ideas in an environment that they obviously were comfortable and felt safe in. We decided that future events should conclude with the group singing “Unforgettable.”

.... And the Journey is not about you...It is About those you can touch, speak to, embrace, give hope to, encourage with words, lift, and Love...and You...will be Blessed Beyond Measure!

Atria Merrywood #305

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner