Friday, June 18, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International supports Emily at the 2010 NC Cinderella Pageant

Emily Shuford ~ An angel of beauty

Caden - 2010 Prince Charming

Zoe Hodge ~ 1st Runnerup Tot Division

Taylor Tarquin ~ 2010 Mini Miss Queen

Danielle Sain ~ contestant

Haley Livengood ~ contestant

The 2010 NC Cinderella Court of Queens

The Cinderella Scholarship Pageant, founded in 1976 by Carl Dunn and Craig Toler, has grown into the largest and most prestigious pageant system of its kind in the world. It has set new standards of excellence in the youth pageant field. Cinderella is a division of International Productions & Publications, Inc.
In addition, IPPI also maintains the headquarters for AAMTC (America's Amateur Model and Talent Competition), and produces the AAMTC International Competition. More than just a beauty pageant, Cinderella is a youth development scholarship program that offers many opportunities for achievement and
recognition to deserving children, teens and young adults. The pageant's high standards of excellence and principles have won the support of civic and service organizations, educators and the clergy from around the world.

Emily Shuford ~ NC Cinderella State Cover Girl
1st Runner-Up ~ Miss Beauty   
Best Spirit Award

The Cinderella Pageant Organization is allowing Emily to develop as a young girl, offer her scholarships, and encourage her to become a volunteer in her community.  This pageant has given Emily a platform to raise awareness of Kidney disease, which she suffers from.  One of her short term goals is to become very involved with Camp Kidney at Victory Junction.  Emily is particularly interested in helping children.  WOW!  A child, who wants to help other children.  Yes, Emily is an angel and a role model!  Imagine how she will inspire her peers!    

This is a story from Emily's Mom:

"To begin with she has been a child with chronic respiratory illnesses...tonsils out tubes in etc. but in 2008 she had a 6 month period of one illness after another (recurrent strep, influenza A, Mono, Coxsackie A virus just to name a few) The pediatricians thought I was crazy because I kept fussing about her being sick all the time and they continued to say it was just normal illnesses. After many a battle and me personally reviewing her medical records and discovering that she had spilled 3+ protein on several occasions over about 2yrs they finally gave her a nephrology referral to Brenner's Children's Hospital. We made several attempts to get her renal biopsy done but couldn't keep her well long enough to do it then finally in June 2009 it was done. It revealed early proliferative focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and hyalinosis (FSGS) Here too medicine had fallen short because the electron microscope was not completed due to the tissue sample drying out from not being appropriately preserved. I called the pathologist and spoke with him in great detail about his dx. Em's case is early from what they say and there has been quite the argument over this dx and that Dx....she also has some type of autoimmune illness as well.  We have to trust the Lord and live for today and not live for the illnesses we have. Back to Emily, she is amazing !!!! She has so much courage and faith....she is resilient and beautiful...I am so blessed. Even with all the illnesses and all the tests, blood work and biopsy she is kind sweet and humble. She was such a trooper during her biopsy and I got to stay with her throughout the procedure...she didn't complain. On day 6 post biopsy she spiked a fever of 104.0 and had incredible pain that warranted an ER visit and hospital stay. She cried in pain and said it felt like ping pong balls hitting her side and stomach...she felt throbbing from pain. She was so sweet to everyone and thanking them after the pain medicine started working...talking about animals of course. She is real reserved and at tentative with her Docs. they make note that she doesn't talk as if she has some type of psychological illness !!!! If they only knew her like we do...they would be blessed to !!!! She doesn't miss a note with them. In Jan. this year we saw a new nephrologist to the practice and she argued that Em had orthostatic proteinuria not FSGS and said we could stop the medicine...boy was she wrong !!!! April Em was very close to nephrotic syndrome range. We jumped on it and restarted her lisinopril and she has done pretty well. She knows the importance of her med and doesn't complain about taking it. Its a blood pressure med they use to decrease protein which decreases scarring of the kidneys and that is what our goal protect the kidneys. She knows not to add salt and to prevent illness as much as possible with germ patrol !!! She has missed on average 28 days of school the last 2-3 yrs due to illness or doctor visits...missed her 4th grade field trip to the beach among other things but still remains very positive...she maintains honor status...meets and exceeds her educational goals...loves little children...and is very attracted to children with special needs...we never go to Brenner's without making a new little friend in the lab or waiting room...I so love watching her care about people...beyond what most people take time to do...currently she is thriving and loving her goal of raising money to send kids to Camp Kidney at Victory Junction...and I am so proud to help her find ways to do this...its a dream in the making to bring magic to some little persons life !!!! Regarding Em there is not much that gets in her way...her med sometimes makes dance a little hard with spinning or tumbling...but she won't give it up...she has realized we are all a little imperfect in this world of perfection and its okay because it is what makes us unique. What is in store for Em ...unsure we are still in the process of figuring out Lupus or not...her ANA was 2560 which is high and she is being watched closely...She starts middle school next year and is excited about starting working toward her Camp kidney Goals...We have had a blast at the National Kidney Foundations Carolina's walk...she worked at the Hero's Tent and as a mile monitor and felt the rewards of giving...and she loves the pageant arena and hopes to have fun and share her story and goals with others...I have discovered she truly is my HERO !!! "
God Bless and Thanks for caring and sharing, Melissa

Cinderella Pageant

Event Fashion ~ Flow by Tara Davis

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner