Monday, June 14, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International and family enjoy a baseball game at the Charlotte Knights Stadium!

Photo Op with HOMER!

Homer's official ride!

I threw a curve ball to the right?!?  ;  )

High-fiving all the 1st pitcher's

Charlotte Knight's former player Richie Grayum

Taylor (15) & Andrew (16) singing the National Anthem together!

I am so proud of my boys!

Bret ~ Corporate Sales, Andrew, Taylor,  Mrs. & Mr. North Carolina International
Michael ~ Community Relations 

My school/softball team buddy
 Hedwig and her adorable children
Jessica and Riley

Family Photo Op!
Grayson, Joseph, Me, Andrew, Dad, Coles-Albert, Mom, Taylor

The evening started out with lighting, thunder, and pouring rain as we were driving to the Charlotte Knights Stadium! I was scheduled to throw the 1st pitch and it is raining again! LOL! It was special to have my mom and dad with us to enjoy this event together! Family support is so important!

We arrived 15 minutes early and stayed in the car to hopefully wait for the rain to slow down. When it did we headed to Will Call, where our tickets were being held.

It was sprinkling a bit when we gathered to go down to the field. Many excited children were there to be a part of the synchronized pre-game activities. I was one of 8 to throw the first pitch including Richie Grayum, who was a former Charlotte Knights player. He was well known and recognized for hitting the 1st Home Run in the Knight's field!

It was a surprise when my softball teammate & school friend Hedwig contacted me to say she, her children, and her mom Mrs. Barret, our Softball coach were going to be at the game!  I was satisfied with the curve ball to the right that I threw, however I should have practiced more!

The Charlotte Knights were playing the Wilkes-Barre Yankees, which is why my dad wore his Yankee shirt and my mom and Joseph wore their Red Sox rivalry at it's best!
It was a good game; however, the Knights lost unfortunately 5-2. 

I just confirmed today that I will be throwing the 1st pitch for the Kannapolis Intimidators game on June 26th. My boys Andrew and Taylor are also going to sing the National Anthem! Practice! Practice! Practice! is what I tell my boys as they prepare for their performances so now I need to listen to what I preach! I will practice my pitch with Andrew and the boys will practice singing their song together!

Practice makes perfect!  See you at the ball game! 

Charlotte Knights

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner