Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. North Carolina International visit the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation and NY City!

Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation Team
Alan White ~ Sr.Vice Pres, Betsey Odell ~ VP of Development
Jerry Louis ~ Web Developer/Graphic Designer
Mrs. & Mr. North Carolina International     

Strategic Planning for the "In Your Hands" 2010 Summer Campaign
100% funds donated to Fisher Center will go directly to
Alzheimer's Research

Jerry, me, Betsey, Lindsay Nason ~ Development Coordinator

Windy and bright on the top deck of the Intrepid Ship Museum, where the
 Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation is located.
Zachary Fisher is one of the philanthropists in the construction of the Fisher Center Laboratory. 
 His wife Elizabeth lost her fight with Alzheimer's disease. 

A precious tourist!

The Fisher Center is located in a very modest office on Deck 2 of the Intrepid Ship Museum. It was a very momentous day as we were granted Betsey's personal 5 minute tour and able to enter in "employee only" areas.

I am humbled by the support and embracement of the Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation.
Joseph and I were able to take a quick trip to NY City on June 7th.  He had a client meeting as he is a consultant for SAS and we realized that we had time to meet with the Fisher Center before returning home.  We both felt it was important to meet them face-to-face.  This would help us better understand the foundation so I could represent them best as their National Spokesperson.  

We both believe that we will be able to speak more informatively about the organization and how individuals and companies can help by donating. We really want to help those organizations who are trying to find an end to this horrible disease.  A partnership between PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's and Fisher Center was a perfect fit.

In 1995, philanthropists Zachary Fisher and David Rockefeller joined forces to build the Fisher Center laboratory at The Rockefeller University. The two men each gave $5 million to begin construction on what would become one of the largest and best-equipped scientific facilities for Alzheimer's research in the country.  The Fisher Center laboratory is the world's leader in understanding the signaling pathways within brain cells that regulate brain functions. Our scientists have had several major findings to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation's team of internationally renowned scientists, under the direction of Nobel laureate Dr. Paul Greengard, has been at the forefront of seminal research that has provided the conceptual framework for modern day investigations into Alzheimer’s disease. The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research at The Rockefeller University headquartered in New York City collaborates with the other leading research institutions around the world in the global pursuit for the cause, care and cure of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Fisher Center of Alzheimer's Research Foundation has just launched their Summer 2010 Campaign "In Your Hands" where 100% of any donations will go directly to the much-needed Alzheimer's Research.

I am proud to be a part of the Fisher Center Team! I will be holding fundraiser's throughout the summer of 2010 to specifically be donated directly to the "In Your Hands" Campaign for scientific research, which will help in finding a CURE for Alzheimer's disease!

Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Event Fashion ~ Flow by Tara Davis

Our view overlooking Time Square from the Marriott Marquis 34th floor in room #3434

Michael ~ Host of the View, whose Aunt was afflicted by Alzheimer's

Karim  ~ Maitre d` of French Restaurant adour`

A white table cloth dinner at a French Restaurant


Steve & other St. Regis Hotel Employees with Me
showcasing the new Mural

Joseph, Me, Anthony and friend


Dinner at the View to celebrate our meeting with the Fisher Center!


Peter our waiter, whose father was a victim of Alzheimer's disease

Marriott Marquis ~ the View Restaurant & Lounge ~ 48th floor

Memories made at the View ~ until next time!

The whole trip was a very divine one from the start.  I was able to cash in a gift card to join Joseph to NY with hopes of meeting the Team of the Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation.  We were booked to stay at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square due to other hotels being full.  Upon arriving in NY we stood in line for a cab.  The cab driver that was sent to us had on a PURPLE Polo shirt ~ this was a sign.  It was a fast drive to the hotel and we were given room #3434 on the 34th floor with an awesome view of Times Square!  Joseph and I wanted to go to the View on the 48th floor to see the "view" and the Host of the day was Michael, whose family was affected by Alzheimer's disease.

We wanted to enjoy a "white table cloth dinner" and the Concierge suggested a French Restaurant located in the St. Regis Hotel.  I am of French/Canadian Heritage on both sides of my family ~ this was also a sign.  Our dinner was delicious as we shared a marinated lobster and rib-eye that melted in your mouth.  I had the opportunity to photograph with several employees including the Maitre d` and a Hotel Manager, who was very proud of their new addition, which was a Mural located in the bar.   In the bar were some couples and Anthony, pictured with Joseph and me; he told us that he knows John Fox, the Panther's Coach.  They were buddies.  Such a conversation starter to find out that in one state I was photographed with a gentlemen in the morning and then that same day in the evening with a buddy of his.  Anthony knows a lot of  people in NY, including the Attorney General, and mentioned to me to call him if I needed ANYTHING to help with my Alzheimer's Advocacy.  WOW!   

I am very connected to NY, afterall I lived in upstate NY when I was a very young girl.  I was born in Connecticut, but moved to Charlotte, NC when I was 12.  I consider myself a "Yankee"(who roots for the Red Sox), who grew up a Southern Belle!

As I reflect on our trip it became very clear to me that it was easy for me to start an Alzheimer's Awareness conversation with anyone I encountered.  It was an immediate connection to the families, who are or have been affected by the disease.   They were appreciative of my PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's work and my journey as an Alzheimer's Advocate was just beginning!

Until the next chapter......

PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

Event Fashion ~ Flow by Tara Davis

Mrs. North Carolina International
Cynthia Griner