Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miss Teen North Carolina International: Tye Blanton foundation

A couple weeks ago was what was supposed to be Tye Blanton's second birthday. Tye was born premature in the NICU at Memorial Missions Hospital in Asheville NC. Tye had multiple problems including congestive heart failure and passed at four and a half months shortly after his dad, Shawn Blanton, who was shot and killed in the line of duty as a state trooper. In memory and honor of Tye, his mom, Michaela Blanton, founded this organization  to give sick infants in the NICU a sense of personality and comfort of a home away from home. This birthday party was in memory of Tye to honor his short life and the impact he's already made in so many lives. All the presents brought to the pool party were donated directly to the infants in the NICU. The party was a hit and this foundation itself shows God's purpose for everything and something good comes out of every situation. Attitude is everything and the outcome of every situation depends on the choice you make and how you handle it.

Michaela, Jacob, Me!
Eddy & Sharon from 99.9  kiss country!

cookies & snow cone
(great nationals diet!)
we had every color
blowing bubbles... FAIL.
                                     Michaela and myself