Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International Special Guest at Lexi Childrey ~ Princess "7th" Birthday Party!

Me and Lexi

Lexi's Birthday Presents

Barbie Doll Cake

The Official Crowning of Lexi

It was a "7th" Birthday Party for a special little girl, my friend Jane's daughter Lexi. She was turning 7 and Lexi wanted Ms. Cynthia to bring her "BLING" to share with her friends at her party. Mom Jane was very crafty in making a very special Barbie doll cake in a full petticoat skirt, and along with the piƱata there were a lot of excited little girls. The girls played outside on the slip-n-slide and ate plenty of Barbie doll cake, chips, pretzels, and enjoyed punch.

As the party ended and the moms were coming to pick up their daughters Ms. Cynthia was asked to show-and-tell her BLING and all little girls wanted to touch and hold my CROWN. The stones on both my CROWN and sash opened their little eyes so big they were mesmerized like they were in a candy shop. It was humbling to me that these little girls were looking at me as a ROLE MODEL, and Lexi felt special because I was “her” friend. I am also touched in that she refers to me as “Mrs. North Carolina International,” and not Mrs. Griner. LOL.

I was very excited for Lexi to open the gift from the Griner family. It was her very own little CROWN to wear to feel like a real princess. Maybe this will encourage her to be a role model and help her grow into a young woman with aspirations to give back to her community. THAT is what a CROWN is all about to INSPIRE another girl or woman to be the best person they can be.

A girl or a woman is awarded a CROWN from the International Pageant for the person they are and for the person they will become through their own growth, experiences, and aspirations. A CROWN is awarded to the girl or woman because they will do great things in this world. When I wear my Mrs. North Carolina International CROWN at appearances I feel I deserve to wear it and it should be perceived as a symbol of my accomplishments and my PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's work.

I do not consider myself the typical stereotyped beauty queen, but one with depth and life experiences that have contributed to the confident goal-oriented woman I am today. I have an excellent support system, which includes my husband Joseph. He is not only a SAS employee, but also my Business Manager for my title, and helps me with the business side as my CFO for our non-profit PP4Alz.

To much that is given...much is expected....

There is great power that comes with a CROWN, and it is not only a key to my community, but it has the power to open many doors. I intend to respect my CROWN and never abuse it's power.

I respect my title as Mrs. North Carolina International 2010.

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