Monday, May 31, 2010

Miss Teen North Carolina International's Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a blast! I was able to do everything from meeting our Governor to going to the lake and being in the parade! Friday, I met our Governor Mrs. Bev Purdue. She was an extremely well spoken women whom announced that downtown Waynesville will be given $300,000 to further its renovations and its historical background . I also got to meet the mayor Gavin Brown, and other elected officials. On Saturday I had the experience of cleaning out my room and closet and it was definitely an experienc wonderful e! On Sunday, I got to go get my tan on at the lake  and added and new addition to our pageant family. I got a kitten! His name is Jeremiah Reign and he has more personality than me! Today, I was able to be in the annual parade. It was an honor to meet and thank our veterans for serving our country. Often times we forget the price paid for our freedom. Meeting these men and hearing some of their stories was incredible. Its something I will never forget. Once again, these past few months and months to come continue to be the most humbling and rewarding experience of my life.