Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Miss NC International at her first event as a USO of NC Ambassador!

Hello everyone!!

This past Sunday, April 11, I had my first official appearance as an Ambassador for the USO of North Carolina! The event was at Fort Bragg for an all day festival followed by the Daughtry concert!! I was so honored to be a part of this amazing experience.Thirty minutes after our arrival I was greeted by the head of security, and they informed me that I had an Investigator and Detective assigned to me as my security detail for the entire day! How cool to have my own secret service?!?! They were not really secret, but it was cool "accidentally" spotting them as they stayed 10-20 feet behind me throughout the entire day. 

Michael Langley, my contact and the organizer of my appearance, and his family took wonderful care of my mother and I. Michael's son Brinson was my escort/partner-in-crime the whole day, and his wife Dawn and my mother managed to go to EVERY SINGLE food vendor at the festival!!  We met so many amazing and wonderful troops. I am so blessed to be part of a country where are troops are so talented and truly show the true meaning of patriotism. My heart swelled to meet them all, and to hear their amazing stories and thank them for their hard work and love for our country.

It was an incredibly humbling experience having so many people want to take their picture with me, introducing me to their families, feeding me, and making way through the crowd to my front row center seat (provided by the amazing photographer for the day Chip) for the Daughtry concert! Talk about being treated like a queen!! I was invited to play in a touch football game with some troops, so of course I joined in, crown and all!! I did however take off my heels, but I am very proud to say that I caught a pass and scored a touchdown in the same play!! All in a day's work!

I was truly blessed with all of the loving and compassionate people I met, and all of the amazing stories they told me.  I am now part of helping out with a new cause, The Abby Marie Foundation, after an ex-military member and current military wife told me the amazing story about her little daugther who has three rare brain diseases that are inoperable. My heart broke, and I immediately gave her my full support and will be helping raise awareness for The Abby Marie Foundation in anyway I possibly can!

My first USO of North Carolina appearance was absolutely incredible! I am so blessed and honored to be an Ambassador, and so excited about all of the future events. Below are only 1/10 (at the most) of all the pictures that were taken, along with a lovely picture of me with my security detail (picture 1), my escort Brinson (dragon picture), and some amazing new friends!

Thank you for reading my blogs!

All of my love and blessings,

Kristie Tobias
Miss North Carolina International

"Life is full of many inconveniences, so lighten up and look at the inconveniences as just another adventure!"