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Carolina International Pageants
Joy Pfister, Miss & Teen International Director of the Year and Director of the North Carolina International Pageants, added the South Carolina International Pageants to her pageantry juggernaut this year and it went off in high style.
I arrived on Friday afternoon in time to see the orientation at the fabulous Embassy Suites in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was great to reacquaint and catch up with old friends and connect with new ones. A light, yet businesslike, orientation progressed as I set up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mixer. The Mixer started right on time and we went live broadcasting interviews with nearly every contestant…in fact, I think I somehow interviewed the same young lady twice at one point! Ladies were getting pictures taken at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mixer wall as well and having a high time of it. Star Path Images took many photos, which should be available soon at his website to order. (
The interviews went out live and we will be repackaging them for use in an upcoming show. Yes, that means you can listen to nearly every contestant and see what you think of their interviewing skills! Not to mention their ability to deal with this goofy interviewer…oh, well. I want to thank Michaela Blanton, in particular, for helping keep the live show orderly and popping!!!
That evening, rehearsals began under the guidance of “The Force” Natasha Williams. This rehearsal time would end up really paying off…because the opening number was absolutely wonderful!
Interviews were held on Saturday morning at the Embassy, where many of the local young men competing in a LaCrosse game in town found reasons to visit the lobby frequently. Funny how that happens. After interviews, we went off to the pageant venue for more rehearsals culminating in a wonderful show. Key to getting all those contestants safely conveyed to the venue was Jennifer Phillips, who helped out the pageant throughout the event.
As I mentioned the opening number rocked and started when a beautiful pink (yes, pink!) Harley Davidson motorcycle made its way across the stage! You’ll see the cycle in many of the photos from the event…it was a great visual element in an event that was already eye candy!
It was a great pageant and I wish to thank director Joy Pfister and everyone on the staff that I mentioned or didn’t here (the whole list is in the program and Joy would be happy to sell you one at here website Let’s get on to the results.
Special Awards:Pageantry Spirit Award: LaTeacha ColemanPhotogenic South Carolina: Callie DavisPhotogenic North Carolina: Jordan DawkinsMost Ad Sales: LaShana GoffMiss Congeniality: Megan WilleyFitness Award South Carolina: Starr WhittenFitness Award North Carolina: Kristie Tobias
South Carolina International Pageants
Teen 1st Runner Up: Rachel FentersMiss South Carolina Teen International 2010: Starr Whitten
Miss 1st Runner Up: Callie DavisMiss South Carolina International 2010: Leslie Smith
Mrs. 1st Runner Up: Audrey LorenceMrs. South Carolina International 2010: LaShana Goff
North Carolina International Pageants
Teen 1st Runner Up: Brieanna HesterMiss North Carolina Teen International 2010: Megan Willey
Miss 2nd Runner Up: Ashley JordanMiss 1st Runner Up: Jennifer JonesMiss North Carolina International 2010: Kristie Tobias
Mrs. 1st Runner Up: Kimberly WhiteMrs. North Carolina International 2010: Cynthia Griner
Congratulations to all the lovely ladies in the pageant!
Attending: (please excuse any spelling mistakes…this was taken from a handwritten list)
Mrs. Julie Abernathy, Mrs. North Carolina America 2010 and Tim
Maria Dimopoulos, Miss Teen North Carolina International 2008Mrs. Melissa Hooks, Mrs. South Carolina International 2006Janine Davis, Mrs. South Carolina International 2007Tracey Jamison, All American Classic Mrs. 2010Jurnee Carr, Miss Teen Tennessee International 2010Lindsey Hicks, Miss Bristol Teen Princess 2010Penny Hull, Mrs. Royal Majestic 2010Kelsea Nickels, Miss Bristol Outstanding Teen 2010Mrs. Julie Abernathy, Mrs. North Carolina America 2010Erica Ricard, Miss World Elite 2010Rebecca Richardson, Mrs. Raleigh North Carolina U.S. BeautiesRachel Carter, Mrs. North Carolina United StatesHeather Thompson, Mrs. Virginia International 2010Miss Tamaca Mills, Miss Virginia International 2010Jaime Estrada, Reign Fire ApparelKatie Godfrey, Caitlin’s Closet (North Carolina branch)…and many more pageant fans and supporters
Photos attached (caption information follows) all photos from Carolina International Pageant February 26 & 27:

(l-r) Megan Willey, Miss North Carolina Teen International 2010; Starr Whitten, Miss South Carolina Teen International 2010; LaShana Goff, Mrs. South Carolina International 2010; Leslie Smith, Miss South Carolina International 2010; Kristie Tobias, Miss North Carolina International 2010; Cynthia Griner, Mrs. North Carolina International 2010; and Joy Pfister, Carolina International Pageant Director and Miss/Teen International Pageant Director of the Year

Ashley Jordan with newly crowned Miss North Carolina International 2010, Kristie Tobias, prepare for interview

Pageantry Spirit Award winner LaTeacha Coleman with outgoing Miss Teen North Carolina International, Christina Roach