Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome To November Newsletter! LAST SPLURGE AnNOuNcEd!

I hope you have all had a very safe and Happy Halloween! Don't forget to set your clocks back! FALL BACK to one hour of extra sleep bliss!

November newsletter contains our LAST Sponsor Splurge List and its the best yet!! Check it out here and Get your applications in FAST!

November Newsletter

November Sponsor SPLURGE Applicants could receive:

* What Is Your Dream- 1st entrant gets a "Create Joy" Scarf in Green; Second and Third entrants get a Whats Your Dream Journal!

* Gladys Magazine- 2rd and 3rd entrants get a copy of GLADYS featuring the NC International Pageant!

* Dana L Skin Care and Cosmetics-Sugar Lip Scrub and a Bronzer/Blush Duo-All NOVEMBER applicants will have a chance to win this! We will draw on November 25th!!! You will be notified via email!

* Pageant Perks 5 for 5 for $5 BUCKS-Back by POPULAR demand! Tracy Jamison, NC /SC International Pageant Coach gives you a phone consultation on applications and platform tips for improvement for only 5 bucks! ONLY the first 5 applicants will receive these-SO GET YOUR APPLICATION IN FAST!

* My Crowing Closet: Also back by popular Demand! 3rd and 4th entrants of the month get a pair of earrings!

* Carolina International Pageant- Each applicant as well as our entered delegates receive $25.00 off entry fee for each referral they give that sends $25.00 an Application to compete!