Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walk For Wishes with Austin NC Dream Girl 09

Saturday October 24, 2009 Early morning at 5:15am I was getting ready fro the first Walk For Wishes for Make a Wish Foundation.

We registered for the walk, turned in funds raised and mingled with many people even allot of people that was actually a wish person themselves. Once we got ready to walk there was a precious young lady at the age of nine in her wheelchair with all her machines, and tubes hooked up to her. Beside her to walk and help her was her dad and her little brother who was pushing all the other things his little sister needed. We had decided as a team that once she cut the ribbon our mission was to keep up with her in her fast wheelchair and finish the same time. As we started to walk and it started to rain she started getting faster and faster with her motorized wheelchair so we had to actually walk run to make sure we furnished with her. She her dad just thought it was so funny that was our mission.

What an exciting day. As we crossed the finish line we were ready to go to the awards ceremony but Unofrtunately it started to down pour and many people left and then came back. It rained so bad that we had to pack everything up and take the tents down. Once it stopped pouring rain myself and my awesome mother began our meeting and greeting the wish families that were coming for a fun filled day for a picnic and fun filled day of Carowinds. Its still rained but we made it thorough a grueling day till about 3:00 that afternoon.

As a Team Captain for my team The Go Getter's our team raised over $825.00 to help a wish get granted. I personally want to thank all of my team Eric King, Kristen King, Carol Baucom, Ashton Woods for all there hard work in making a true and awesome experience. For the first Walk for Wishes a total of $30,396.00 was raised so far.