Thursday, September 10, 2009

Make A Wish DREAM Girl Update

You can read all about Austin Bytnar on our web site under Inspiration Award '09.
The Once Upon A Dream Inspiration Award was presented to the person that has inspired others to spread your wings and reach your dreams with passion, integrity, and most of all joy. Austin update.....

This was a great function and silent Auction for the end of the fiscal year. I got to meet some great people. The News and Observer was there taking pictures. It was held at the Ashton End which is a great high end apartment community.
We had great food from different vendors, mingled and the night was topped off by a thirteen year old her was diagnosed with sickle cell when she was two weeks old and her wish was to be on Americas top model.

Her wish was granted with an awesome trip to New York.

Thanks to Make a Wish and our community this was a great success!