Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Checking in with Courtney Cox -Miss Teen South Carolina International

Courtney began her freshman year at Clemson University three weeks after returning from the Miss Teen International pageant. During her time at Clemson she has become a true tiger. After camping out for football tickets and donning her orange clothes for "Solid Orange Friday", Courtney really feels like a part of the Clemson family. She is a part of CBE, the Clemson Business Experience, which is a group of freshman who are all pre-business majors who live together in their dorm, Benet Hall. This group does community service, business tours, and prepares them for their time in the Clemson Business school. She is still getting used to dorm life, and really misses home, but living only forty miles away isn't a bad trip for her to make every weekend. Courtney will be turning 19 soon, on September 13th, and is celebrating in Greenville with her family and friends.