Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ten fun things about Janet Bolin, Mrs. North Carolina International 2011

1. Janet has torn down and rebuilt a Tremec TR-3550 transmission. (Thank you Jon Vieth!)

2. Janet can affix the crown to her head without a mirror. (And, while seated on top of a horse thanks to my friends at Rising Hope Farms.)

3. Janet has taken hot laps, in the rain, at the Dearborn Proving Grounds in the Ford Racing performance cars…driven by professional race car driver, Matt Kenseth. (Thanks for not killing me, Matt.)

4. Chip and Janet have a room in their home called the "princess room" which is filled with the limited edition, holiday Barbie ornaments. This is a tradition which started for both of them in which their mothers would give them a new Christmas ornament each year. Janet’s ornament collection just happen to all be "Barbie" ornaments, so they decided to display them in their living room and renamed it the "Princess" room, complete with a wine cooler.

5. This past year, Janet marked her 13th year experiencing the Daytona 500 at the World Center of Racing, Daytona International Speedway.

6. The label, Team Chip and Janet, started because both of them work full time jobs, and they are their own support "team." They even share kitchen duties - he cooks, I wash the dishes. But, when I bake, he gets to wash the dishes.

7. Janet has been an AFAA-certified fitness instructor for 15 years and is looking to take that hobby to the next step by becoming an AFAA National Workshop Trainer and secure her Jukari certification.

8. While Janet is originally from Ohio, Chip is from South Carolina which means Janet takes a lot of guff when football season comes around, especially this year.

9. One of Janet’s favorite things is to bake yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting. (Chip like’s these too, but prefers oatmeal raisin cookies.)

10. Janet’s first racing experience came when she was a preliminary winner in the Miss Ohio Scholarship Pageant and made an appearance as Miss Maple City at the Summit Motorsports Park (formerly Norwalk Raceway Park) during their Night Under Fire event. She was given a behind the scenes tour and was intrigued by the design, engineering and excitement for both the competitors and the fans. The rest is history!

To learn more about Mrs. North Carolina International, Janet Bolin, and her committment to The NASCAR Foundation and all their charity partners, please visit her on Facebook at Mrs. North Carolina International 2011