Monday, June 6, 2011

Right time, right place

This past Saturday, I ventured to Conover, NC to cheer on my predecessor, the beautifully and talented Cynthia Griner in the Mrs. NC US Pageant. I also met up with a few friends who had been contestants in the Mrs. North Carolina/South Carolina International Pageant, Catherine Kyllingstad and Audrey Lorence. My husband was unable to attend as he was working hard in Kansas, so I was solo for the night - but not for long.

As soon as I walked through the door to the auditorium, I ran into the charity partner for the evening, Rising Hope Farms. I was unfamiliar with this charity, but thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet the energetic representatives, Rachel and Gail. I as it turns out, running into them was extremely beneficial.

PHOTO: Rachel, me and Gail

As I sat back and enjoyed the show, I also was able to learn more about Rising Hope Farms as they were able to provide a video to explain in more detail their 501c3 charity, and share success stories of therapeutic riding, Hippotheraphy and more. While the stories brought tears to my eyes (and everyone else in the audience) to hear of all the great things this charity provides to children, it hit me why I ran into them.

The NASCAR Unites Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award Committee is looking for those with outstanding service in their racing communities helping children and families. Four (4) finalists will go to a Fan Vote. Winner will be announced in Las Vegas at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series banquet and their charity will receive $100k and they will receive a 2012 Ford Explorer. Runners up will get $25k each for their charities.

During intermission, I had the chance to talk with Rachel and Gail to share with them all the details of the NASCAR Unites project. They were surprised and thrilled with the chance to help more people, if honored with the award. If you are reading this and you know of a 501c3 charity who helps children, please follow this link to download the application today. I promise the amount of time you invest in the application process is worth it. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me at (704) 348-9600 or Jennifer George from The NASCAR Foundation at (704) 348-9682 or

Please CLICK HERE to download the application.

Thank you to Rachel and Gail for being my "date" on Saturday.  I am so thankful I ran into you both and am able to help.  I look forward making appearances and volunteering with Rising Hope Farms in the near future.  I'm even going to bring along my boss's wife, Barb Sparrow, who loves horses and volunteering.

Mrs. North Carolina International 2011
Janet Bolin