Thursday, June 2, 2011


As I prepare for the Mrs. International competition, my trainer’s choice of words to motivate me includes the word “graduating.” He’s wonderful. My dedication and determination to my training program has resulted in me “graduating” to heavier weights. Love it! In just 3 short (and maybe slightly painful) weeks, I can feel how much stronger I have become. I believe numbers on a scale are only part of the picture and have always leaned more towards what I actually look like in the mirror and how my clothes fit. So, with 6 weeks to go until I depart for Chicago, I am thrilled with the results. Giving up Krispy Cream donuts, Pretzel M&M’s, Oreo cookies and my beloved white cheddar cheese from Ontario, Canada is well worth it! For those of you reading this, I challenge you to spice up your training program so you too can “graduate” with me.

Mrs. North Carolina International 2011
Janet Bolin