Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elizabeth Malvasia Gives Key-Note Address at Ronald McDonald House Grand Opening!

Mrs SC International 2011, Elizabeth Malvasia, and the "other" face of RMDH charities!

As the face of newly opened RMDH in Charlotte NC, Elizabeth Malvasia was selected to give the key-note address at their grand-opening, volunteer appreciation dinner. Among other things, Elizabeth was asked to speak on why volunteering was so important to her, and why Ronald McDonald House charities was her organization of choice. Sniffles could be heard among the 250+ attendants of the event while Elizabeth shared her story of hard work, determination, and ultimately success in her business and how that journey, combined with her believe that family and "home" is where one's heart and soul really resides drove her to not only find a way to give back, but to give back through Ronald McDonald House Charities specifically.

Elizabeth speaking to the crowd of volunteers

After giving her address, Elizabeth lead the volunteers and those in attendance at the event through the doors of the house for the very first time! Among the evening's highlights were seeing the HUNDREDS of books Elizabeth had raised filling shelf upon shelf in the house.

Elizabeth and one of the MANY library shelves filled with the books she raised for the house!