Friday, March 4, 2011

Mrs. North Carolina International and Mrs. International ~ Go Red promotion at Panthers Game

Carolina Panther Mascot ~ Sir Purr with Mrs. International and Mrs. NC Queens 

Team work!!! 

The iconic Go Red ~ Little Red Dress 

Go Red information anyone???

Shannon was very kind to give me a ride home!

An appearance alongside Mrs. International ~ Shannon Devine can be both inspirational and humorous.  Shannon had invited me to promote the Go Red orginization at the Panthers Game on December 19th, 2010   We had no idea where our booth was and had to go to the bathroom upon arriving at the Stadium...LOL!  A Panther staff employee directed us where to go for both.         

First we learned that we did not have clearance to go inside the stadium.....second the luxurious port-o-john was around the corner and third we had to tip-toe through mud in our high-heel boots to where the Go Red booth was located.....LOL!

The day was very humbling as well as very positive to be informing Charlotteans about the Go Red Organization!  

The most staggering fact to comprehend is a woman dies every minute from Heart Disease....
Please take the time to learn how to live your life heart healthy, and support your local Go Red Chapter.  The Go Red Organization is supported by The Mrs. International Pageant System.
Thank you Shannon for the time we spent together and the laughs we shared, while giving back to our community!

Go Red

MrsInternational Pageant System

Mrs. North Carolina International 2010
Cynthia Griner