Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International Judges the Miss Carolina Midlands Pageant!

Shana, Me, and Candice (Mickie's Sister)
Judge for the Young One's 

The Beautiful Bracelets Mickie gave us! 

Judges and Kristie ~ Emcee!

Mrs. SC America ~ Shawn Meeh stopped by to say Hi!
Shana ~ Emcee and  Mrs. SC Galaxy ~ Rebecca Bearden is Judging Miss Division 
 Hmmm.....I am out numbered by Mrs SC's......LOL!

Miss Carolina Midlands 2010 Queens! 

My Lovely Sister Queens!

Rebecca, Kristie, Shana, and Me!

Brittany Butler ~ Grande Supreme Miss Carolina Midlands 

Kim Oswald ~ Grande Supreme Ideal Miss Carolina Midlands

Tiffany Holcombe ~ Most Beautiful Miss Carolina Midlands

Rebecca and her precious girls ~  
Brittan(4) and Alexandria(5)!

Kellie Miller~ Mickie's sister and Mickie Petty ~ Director of Miss Carolina Midlands

The Miss Carolina Midlands Pageant was held at the Columbia Scottish Rite Center, 7230 Garners Ferry Rd., Columbia, SC on Saturday, September 25, 2010.

What a great opportunity to see a past pageant friend Mickie, judge her Miss Carolina Midlands Pageant, and meet her family.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and Shawn as well as spend quality time with my International Sister Queens.  It was going to be a day of "girl time" for me as I do not get that very often....LOL!  A full day of judging girls in six categories ages 0 - 36 and up!

The Area's of Competition are Beauty, Sleepwear, Sportswear, Talent, Photogenic, Swimwear and Most Beautiful.  This Pageant is an official Preliminary to both the Mrs. NC & SC America Pageant.

Miss Carolina Midlands ~ Director ~ Mickie Petty

Mrs. NC & SC America ~ Director's Wendy and Fred Galle

Morning Event Fashion
Flow by Tara Davis

Cynthia Griner
Mrs. North Carolina International


scsweetheartpageant said...

Thank you for spending the day with us at the Miss Carolina Midlands Pageant. You are a beautiful person inside and out!! It was a privilege to have all of you light up the stage and make the pageant a great success :)