Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International and her "Mr. BIG" are VIP's at a SATC2 Movie Premiere Celebration!

Red Carpet Entrance


 Pierre Rattini ~ Charlotte Seen Partner


Me and My "Mr. BIG"

Me and Betsy Mapes ~ Manager Dilworth Coffee Ballantyne Village
We met and immediately started talking about a fundraiser for PP4Alz in the near future! 


 Me posing with the Creative Loafing Sign and Swag Bags filled with goodies!

The SATC2 Movie Premiere is finally in theatres! This movie is special to Joseph and I because we used to watch the show when it was on TV. Every Sunday night we would look forward to cuddling in our BIG blue chair sipping a glass of wine with a piece of chocolate! It was an excellent way to end our weekend and begin the next week! It was a way for us to stop and sit after putting the boys to bed, and enjoy a TV show where life was BIG for Carrie Bradshaw and a way to visit NY City through each episode.

Although we are not single we could still listen to the advice Carrie as a writer and her friends were giving and apply it our marriage. It is a blessing to have "special friends" to share dreams, and know if you are ever in need of a shoulder to cry on they would always be there. It is a blessing to share the roller coaster of life, relationships and accomplishments with friends! I count my blessing for each "true" friend I have who encourages me, appreciates me for the person I am, and helps me be the best "Cynthia" I can be.

We actually did not view the movie until the following night (26th) at our movie theatre in Phillips Place, where we live, at the Premier midnight showing. This was a special "date night" as Mr. and Mrs. Griner...Joseph and Cynthia...Me with my "Mr. BIG!" LOL! He was the only guy in the theatre! We enjoyed our 2:30 am walk home. A great memory for us as a couple and I need to buy a pair of Carrie Bradshaw SATC2 GOLD shoes now to add to my wardrobe! 

Event Makeup Artist ~ Kelly Ward Manion

Event Hair Stylist ~ Stewart Hough

Event Photographer ~ Michelle Kovach

Creative Loafing
QC After Dark

Charlotte Seen

Cynthia Griner
Mrs. North Carolina International