Friday, May 7, 2010

Miss Teen North Carolina International: "Grand Opening"

This past weekend I was honored to be apart of High Country Style's Grand Opening! Not only was this an exciting experience for the historic Biltmore Village, but also my family. Five years ago in August, my family and I moved to North Carolina for my parents to start their dream. After all my family had been through with the sickness and all, my parents never allowed themselves to be discouraged by any circumstances and brought their dream to life. Five years later, they now own two high-end women's clothing boutiques. I'm so proud of them and the example they've set for my sister and I. No matter what my parents never gave up and do an exceptional job of balancing business and family. They include me in every aspect of the store but never the stress and chaos involved in being a entrepreneurs. Not to mention, I love being able to sport super cute clothes at school and events! As cliche as it sounds, My parents are true role models and examples of the lives me and my sister are supposed to lead. They're a constant reminder to stay in God's will and put all your faith in Him and you will be successful!

my beautiful mom and myself!

The brighton reps: Kelli Kelly and Bob Lewis

The store front