Friday, April 23, 2010

Miss Teen North Carolina Int'l: The Clinic of Angels

Dr. Cichon - Founder of The Clinic of Angels

Nurse Sue

Reunited with Jackie!

Another one of Jackie's patients

Jackie is our queen!

Ringing the Bell!!

This past Monday I was invited to speak at The Clinic of Angel's annual Gala in Tampa, FL. There I was able to share about the struggles my family and I faced with Lyme disease and how we over came those circumstances. I also talked about the three main goals I have as their national spokesperson: 1) Raise awareness about Lyme Disease and its symptoms, 2) Raise awareness about The Clinic of Angels and what their mission is and 3) To be an inspiration to patients with any infectious diseases to never lose hope.

A continuing theme throughout the night was "hope." Hearing just a few testimonies given at the Gala really opened my eyes to what the Clinic truly does. It not only provides financial aid, but gives patients reasons to continue living and helps them get back on their feet. This event was by far my favorite appearance as Miss Teen North Carolina International. I was able to reunite with the people who saved my life and realized how awesome of an opportunity I've been given to represent such an amazing organization.

One of the best moments that happened while I was there was when I was reunited with my home care nurse Jackie that I had when I was nine years old. This incredible woman is the most unforgettable person alive! She always made me laugh and was always in a great mood!  She lifted my spirits every time she walked into the door of our home to administer my IV antibiotics.  Thank you Jackie!  Another great moment was being able to ring "the bell" in Dr. Cichon's office. The bell is rung whenever patients conquer their disease or symptoms of the disease, it is a symbol of freedom and victory. With the help from Dr. Cichon, the founder of The Clinic of Angels and my doctor, I was able to ring the bell loud!

Overall it was an amazing night and I was very honored and humbled to be able to speak.  It was a great opportunity to see and hear first hand what the The Clinic of Angels is about, reaching down and lifting people up. I'm proud to say I'm the Clinic of Angel's national spokesperson but also to be so passionate about my platform. In all honesty it's more than just a platform, it's my way of life!