Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss Teen North Carolina International's Hospital Visit

Today I had the opportunity of delivering easter baskets to the children at Missions Memorial Hospital. I got to interact with children of all ages from two weeks old to fourteen years old. It was a lot of fun watching the kids' faces light up. Many people said "You made these kid's days, they really look up to you." Well that might be true but I believe it is them I look up to. One girl, who was fourteen years old has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was diagnosed St. Patrick's day of last year and has been in the hospital every holiday since then. Instead of feeling sorry for herself or talking about how bad she had it, she talked to me about her dog Angel. She gave me the most memorable impactful hug and five minute conversation of my life. It's so hard not get emotional thinking about it. She had such a positive attitude regardless of the fact she is fighting just to live another day. It really put life into perspective to me. We stress out about the pettiest things and let them bother us instead of taking in each moment we were blessed with. This past month, I've learned so much as being Miss Teen North Carolina International and look forward to the memories to come.