Monday, March 29, 2010

Mrs. North Carolina International ~ Charlotte Art Show

Julie Benda, Me, Bev Nagy, Janet Lasher, Daniel Allegrucci

Ashley Lathe

I was invited to attend an Art Show at The Packard Building in Downtown Charlotte on March 26th.  The charlotte ARTery is an atists co-op and it was a great opportunity and experience to meet and view Art pieces from 5 local artists!   We are standing in front of Ahley Lathe's (who is pictured with me above) water color paintings.  There is a set of three paintings expressing the skyscape of Charlotte in various colors and the colors were very free-form in how they connected to each other as they were applied and dried to a finished product.   

If you would like to take a look at each individual artists' work please visit their websites listed below. 

Thank you!

Ashley Lathe -
Daniel Allegrucci -
Bev Nagy - -
Julie Benda -
Janet Lasher -

Cynthia Griner


G said...

Thank you Cynthia for coming to our event and being so gracious for all of those photo requests! You added charm and sparkle to our Friday night.-Julie